Are you a woman who wants to discover the 

Are you ready to...

  • Stop living exhausted and burnt out?
  • ​Stop finding your worth in others?
  • Have more energy and start focusing on YOUR goals?
  • Have more joy and confidence in all your relationships? 
  • More possibilities in your life?

achieve your goals faster? 
Then you're in the right place!

When you take the I Am LVC course for ONLY $27, you’ll transform into a woman who knows that she is lovable, valuable and capable of that and so much more!

You know you should love and care for yourself more but...

You feel unworthy, judged or exhausted 
which prevents you from doing so…

You spend all your time caring for your 
family so you put it off...

You feel that loving yourself comes after 
all the to-do lists are completed...
You question your value which leaves you longing for fulfillment and purpose.

So you look to others to affirm that you are 
good enough and you don’t always get a positive response in return.

You genuinely want to love your life and love others well, but feel defeated and tired.


You are worth taking time for yourself. 

And when you take the time to care for yourself, 
to fill your tank, 
you will be pouring into the lives of those 
you love from a full tank! 
You will feel the difference and so will they.
"I found that I truly neglected myself in terms of self-care. I never gave myself a break, and never stopped to remind myself of my strengths and abilities. 

In taking the I Am LVC course, it forced me to look at those strengths and abilities, and approach feelings of failure in a positive way. I feel like I have hit the reset button and now that I am starting a new chapter in my life, I can create more space for ME."

I Am LVC (Lovable, Valuable, Capable) online course comes with
3 learning modules, each including a 
teaching video  (Value $247)
& a transformational exercise with worksheet (Value $97) 

created by Lindsay Smith, a licensed psychotherapist, to help you become happier, more confident, and more successful. 

All for only $27

A guided meditation video to help ground yourself, 
to allow you to better take in what you're learning, 
and to get centered for your day! (Value $97)’ll be able to walk through the modules at your own pace!

If you weren't so exhausted, defeated and overwhelmed all the time, 
what would you do?

Start a business?
Have more kids?
Focus on your health?
Go on that first date?

How would your life and be different if you started living out of a place of knowing you're lovable, valuable and capable?

Choosing to live knowing you matter is the start to living a fulfilled life.

I see people searching to feel worthy and loved in 
3 primary ways:

  • Through others (partner, kids, parents, friends, siblings, boss, etc.)
  • Through their careers or jobs
  • Through their accomplishments (work promotions, accolades, power, money, etc.)

Have you ever pursued one of these 
to feel loved or significant?

It's ok. We've all been there. 
I Am LVC will help you to know you are 
lovable, valuable, and capable 
without having to look outside yourself for validation.

Take heart, friends...

You can be happier. 
You can be more confident.
You are capable of success.

You are...

Worthy of love, both RECEIVING IT AND GIVING IT.

Worthy of the PEACE AND HOPE that comes from living in that truth.

Worthy of KNOWING YOU ARE VALUED, far more than you realize.

Worthy of the DREAMS AND ACHIEVEMENTS you aspire to.

Worthy of MORE CONFIDENCE to pursue those dreams.

Worthy of MORE CLARITY to become the person you're destined to be.

Worthy of MORE COURAGE to take the first step to pursue your goals.

And worthy of feeling 100% CAPABLE to obtain all of it...

Can you imagine how it would feel to have more joy and peace in your life everyday?

  • How would your life be different if you started giving out of a place of knowing you're lovable, valuable and capable rather than from an empty tank?
  • To stop the never-ending cycle of trying to be worthy of other’s love and attention?
  • Or having greater confidence in yourself to do new things and take more risks?
  • Imagine being able to obtain that promotion at work or strengthen your friendships without the fear of not being enough?

I've worked with hundreds of people in your shoes! 
I’ve seen the burnout, the defeat, the overwhelm and yet the transformation as well! 
It is possible!

If you’re ready to:

put in the work to overcome guilt and exhaustion
● change your mindset
● take action steps to obtain greater clarity, courage and confidence
● learn to practice and implement self-love and self-care daily…
Then the I Am LVC course is for you.
"This course greatly helped me achieve a deeper level of self-love."
I was surprised at how powerful the exercises were and am so grateful to have stumbled across this course! 

"In this day and age of overwhelm, I Am LVC is the perfect tool for self-development and self-care." 
It is short, sweet and right to the point. 

Lindsay’s approach is gentle yet effective. Her guidance helps you see your blocks and the exercises help to clear them. 

If you are ready to work on your mindset for peace, self love and creating lasting change, I highly recommend starting with 
I Am LVC. 


Hi. My name is Lindsay.

I went through a decades long struggle of 
not truly loving myself and not feeling worthy of love.
I did all the things: therapy, self help books and courses, transformational growth work, all trying to get to this place of really, truly feeling this love for myself. It was easy for me to love others, but loving myself was just a different story. I just didn't feel the love for myself. 

But when a huge light bulb suddenly came on, I realized that I didn't have to wait anymore. 

That loving myself was actually a choice, a choice that I could make. I could choose to love myself. 

Although it took me a while to get here, I now truly know that I am lovable, valuable, and capable. This has given me incredible confidence and joy!

As a psychotherapist and owner of two counseling centers, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people claim their confidence, clarify their goals and thrive!

You deserve to know the same truth I learned.
You deserve to know you’re lovable, valuable, and capable of achieving your goals and dreams. 
You are worth it.

I Am LVC instills in you the 
hope of joy, confidence and belonging.

Practical and transformational 
action steps to obtain greater 
clarity, confidence and courage.

What You'll Learn...

Module 1

You are lovable.

  • To grow in knowing you are worthy of both giving and receiving love
  • ​How to start loving yourself with a transformational exercise to empower you to love yourself now
  • Learn to stop looking to others to validate and affirm your worth 
  • ​To start internalizing this love for yourself and increase your confidence through a daily exercise

Module 2

You are valuable.

  • To grow knowing and realizing you have inherent worth and value
  • ​How to stop other people’s priorities, words, and actions from affecting your value
  • How to start use the powerful words “I am” to receive what you want in life through a mind-opening exercise

Module 3

You are capable.

  • ​To start believing in your ability to achieve your goals
  • ​To know how to move forward in achieving your goals even when it seems too hard
  • ​How to grow from failure and participate in a life-altering exercise to begin using failure to propel you toward success

Get access to ALL 3 modules for
ONLY $27

Each module comes with a 
teaching video 
& a transformational exercise with worksheet 
created by Lindsay Smith, a licensed psychotherapist.’ll be able to walk through the modules at your own pace!

A guided meditation video to help ground yourself, 
to allow you to better take in what you're learning, and to get centered for your day!

Catch a sneak peek of the 
I Am LVC Course 
with therapist, Lindsay Smith!

Looking forward to a year from now, where will you be?

A small investment of $27 is worth no longer having to:

● Have no energy to pour into your family and others you care about
● Feel burned out and stressed meeting everyone else’s needs but your own
● Continue waiting to take the leap of faith to pursue a dream or goal
● Live isolated and alone because you fear you’re not good enough
● Look to everyone else to feel and know you’re already enough
● Feel guilty when you take time to love and care for yourself
● Feel like the checklist is always going to be the driver in your life

Don’t let another year, month, or day go by before you take time to invest in YOU!

To obtain more happiness, confidence and success because 
you’ve chosen to love and care for yourself. 
Change the trajectory of your life by spending just a few minutes a day to FOCUS ON YOU!

But I don’t know if I have the time.

You don’t need a ton of time. Do you have 15 minutes? 30 minutes a day? Spread this 2 hour course out over a few days and you’ll complete the course! Not only that, but with the changes you’ll start seeing after the first day, you’ll WANT to stay engaged with the rest of the course!

I’ve tried other things and they have not worked. How is this different?

There are so many self-help resources and courses available and the challenge is that different things work for different people. You are you and you won’t know if this works for you until you try. These are simple tools to help you learn how to truly love yourself, value yourself, and know you are capable that you can implement daily.

I’m shy. I don’t think I’ll ever have the confidence to believe in myself.

Feeling shy does not preclude you from being worthy of love and belonging. Confidence can be learned and practiced. It can be achieved with guidance and tools to empower you everyday as you make the decision to implement them.

I need to focus on my family.

When you are constantly giving of yourself and pouring out to others daily, how are you staying filled? Self-love and self-care are vital to the health of any relationship – they fill our tank, so we can love others in the way we desire.

What previous students have said...

"This course also gave me great tools and tips on how to remind myself daily that I am Lovable, Valuable, and Capable of more than I allow myself to believe."

This course really brought me to my core and opened my eyes to how little I really value myself. When I did what Lindsay suggested by looking in the mirror and telling myself "I Love You" I felt very uncomfortable and unworthy of those 3 words. I realized I shouldn't be! I deserve more than I give myself. Thank you Lindsay! This course was calling my name! 

"LVC changed my perspective. I have more opportunities than I thought and it is my choice to take them if I really want them."

There are so many of us going through similar things. It’s time to make this choice to look deeper and to answer questions we wouldn’t normally ask ourselves.

This opportunity to love myself is the first step to knowing I have a future where I am wanted. 

"Lindsay is ready to walk with you while learning how to deeply love yourself."

She has years of lived and academic experience. She has a passion to support others to live a life of love, and connection to self and others. You won't regret it! 

"Whether you need a little encouragement or a self-worth boost, LVC is a great way to get there."

LVC is a quick way to put a little pep in your step. It reminds you of how valuable you are and that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Whether you need a little encouragement or a self-worth boost, LVC is a great way to get there. 

"I recommend this program to anyone looking for an introspective pick me up."

I highly recommend the I Am LVC course. Feeling Lovable, Valuable, and Capable are key components to being happy day to day and this program pulls those values out in full force. 

A click of this button means you're ready to learn how to love yourself, to see yourself as valuable and capable. Cause...

You deserve it.
You were made for it.
You can have it.

Choose you.

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